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Arkam Ventures

Arkam Ventures (previously Unitary Helion) is an early-stage technology fund partnering with outstanding founders with innovative ideas aimed at Middle India - the 400 million people just below the top of the pyramid. Call them theNext 400M. The biggest start-up outcomes of the next decade will come from innovating for this market. The smartest technology entrepreneurs we know are attracted to the challenges in these mega markets and the opportunity to build industry redefining businesses that enhance affordability, access, and quality of service.

The COVID crisis, while very challenging in the short-term, has accelerated digitization momentum in our core sectors - financial services, healthcare, food/Agri, and mobility. It has forced permanent consumer and behavioral changes that favor technology-centric solutions and create strong tailwinds for disruptive and resilient founders. They are likely to be the winners of tomorrow.

Middle India by Design


  • $20B+

    US Institutional Investor

Binny Bansal

Co-Founder, Flipkart

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Founder, PayTM

Rajesh Magow

Co-Founder, MakeMyTrip

Mekin Maheshwari

Ex-CPO, Flipkart


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